What an opportunity – FREE Classes for IYNAUS members with the highest Iyengar certified teachers in the United States – those certified at the Advanced Senior and Advanced Junior levels who have agreed to teach free classes for IYNAUS membership. Do not miss this opportunity and the fun over the July 4th weekend. 


Not only do these great teachers have decades of teaching experience, they are also among those that studied with Guruji the longest. 


Join the over 700 IYNAUS members who have already registered for the event! Sign up today! See below for details.

IYNAUS members are invited to a FREE community gathering over the 4th of July weekend! 


This unique membership benefit provides an opportunity for our community to unite together via live online classes from coast to coast. The goal is to give back to IYNAUS members for their dedicated support and to further promote the teachings of BKS Iyengar. We extend sincere gratitude to our senior teachers for their collective efforts in making this event a reality by generously volunteering their time and sharing their teachings with our community. 


IYNAUS membership is required to participate in the Coast to Coast Yoga Gathering. Click HERE to visit the IYNAUS website to learn about member benefits and how to become an IYNAUS member.


Once you have joined IYNAUS, Registration and participation is easy. Click HERE to Register for the Coast-to Coast event.

How to get the Zoom link: Please note that we will NOT be sending the Zoom link via email. The link will be posted under the Members Benefit Section under MyPage by 5pm EDT on Wednesday July 1st. See the graphic below for instructions on how to locate:

Basic props are recommended for these classes, e.g. mat, block, strap, and blankets. We also recommend participants have at least six months Iyengar Yoga experience and are familiar with the Sanskrit names of poses. 



Thursday, July 2nd: 


Chris Saudek from 10-12pm EDT ~ Creating Space in the Mind and Body for and by the Breath 


Eddy Marks from 1-3pm EDT ~ Iyengar’s First Principle


John Schumacher from 5-7pm EDT ~ You Got to Know Where to Hold’em, Know Where to Fold’em. Stability and Mobility in Forward Bends.


Friday, July 3rd:


Lois Steinberg from 10-12pm EDT ~ Abhyasa and Vairagya: Steady the Mind and Create Thirstlessness for Things. Lois will guide you in your Sadhana to develop the bud of yoga and let it blossom to create a platform of truth and knowledge. 


Rebecca Lerner from 1-3pm EDT ~ Twist From Your Heart. A class focused on standing, inverted and seated twists. 

Saturday, July 4th:


Gloria Goldberg from 12-1:30pm EDT ~ Asana Class


Sunday, July 5th:


Joan White from 11-12:30pm EDT ~ Flights of Fantasy. A Pranayama class for the Mind and Breath. Students should be familiar with basic Ujjayi and Viloma Pranayamas. 


Patricia Walden from 2:30-4:30pm EDT ~ Asana Class


Monday, July 6th:


Mary Obendorfer from 1-3pm EDT ~ Twists: Wringing out the Stress


Classes will be available for purchase on Vimeo following the event - $10 per class or $75 for the entire event. Proceeds will go toward future IYNAUS member programming.


Join us from coast to coast as we immerse ourselves in the wisdom, the immense generosity and benevolent teachings of the Iyengar legacy. We look forward to sharing in this community gathering, a celebration of gratitude in honor of our IYNAUS members, the lasting impact of our treasured and gifted teachers and our beloved Guruji, Geetaji, Prashantji, and Abhijata.


For questions, please email store@iynaus.org or director.operations@iynaus.org