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Took a spur of the moment class with Aileen. It fixed a kink in my neck & my tight, sore shoulders I had for 2 days prior. Pain & stiffness all gone as is my lurking headache. Great class!

-Anna W.

Aileen's intelligent approach to the class is refreshingly different and produced a far deeper and lasting effect which resonates better for me than the many "feel-good" yoga classes in gyms everywhere.

-Marta Thompson

I first learned yoga almost 50 years ago in prison from the book Light on Yoga. Yoga saved my life then and still does every day now. I am grateful for the many wonderful teachers I've met and recently Aileen Epstein has been most helpful in focusing my practice on the various issues associated with aging and her keen eye and intuitive grasp of healing has done much to improve my health...much thanks and Namaste... -Billy

Aileen is a teacher who offers safety, experience & precise technical knowledge. I deeply enjoy sinking into the safe place she holds. Thank you Aileen for all you give!

-Gina Montgomery

I love coming to yoga! I didn't even like hearing about coming or joining my friends; but the minute I got into it I fell in love with yoga & the studio! Aileen is the best teacher & owner! She's sweet, has a kind voice & most of all she genuinely loves us!!!


I first took a class with Aileen when I was 12 or 13.  I picked up in earnest again this past January, and I can tell you, in seven months I feel so much better.  I have flexibility in my hips and shoulders (which makes a BIG difference in my daily life), and I've built a lot of strength.  I probably haven't been this strong, especially in my legs, since the days when I power lifted (squats, cleans, lunges,etc..) The difference is I never dread going to the Iyengar studio, whereas going to the gym to lift more and more weight was always a chore.  After yoga I feel rejuvenated:  the harder the class, the greater the sense of energy afterward.  It's been great.  I've had a terrible lower back since I was 15 and it's finally starting to loosen up.  To put that in perspective -- MRIs, chiropractors, doctors, physical therapy-- none of that worked for me.  Other yoga studios in town simply don't have the experience or expertise that Aileen has.  She takes the time for you to really get it, and to learn and practice doing it RIGHT.  5 stars all the way. -Cameron Robert

I have tried many yoga classes, this is the best by far & I love the attentiveness of Aileen - making sure you're always in the correct position/ form. The props are wonderful & I hope to be hanging on the rope wall soon!!

-Vashti (Vee) 

Yoga classes in this studio are phenomenal. Each person is supervised on how they are doing the exercise and regarding any health concerns that they may have. If you try one class you are hooked.

 -Adriana Banchik

Aileen is a technical genius who will revolutionize the foundation of any yoga practitioner.

-Jacob Purcell

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